Ballater Angling Association

Forthcoming Events

No forthcoming events

General Information

Please book your fishing with the contacts listed in each page. Book in plenty of time, not after 10pm at night and not before 8am. Preferably book 24 hours in advance.

Park your cars where requested. Make accurate returns every time. Return any keys, tokens etc.

Take all rubbish home and any other rubbish you find on the beat. Please keep the fishing huts and the banks clean and tidy.

Report any persons you feel are poaching or breaking rules to The Secretary or any committee member.

BROWN TROUT SEASON: 15th March - 15th October (Inclusive)

  1. River Dee: 1st February - 30th September
  2. River Don: 15th February - 31st October
  3. River Deveron: 15th February - 31st October

Please contact the Secretary if you have any queries or difficulties booking your fishing.

Our Club Championship is operating whenever you go fishing on our water so make accurate returns.


Full and Associate members - £70
Seniors - £10
Juniors - Free

Senior qualification rule: You have to be a fully paid member for at least 10 years. The minimum age to qualify as a senior is 70.

Example 1:
You join the club at the age of 60 and pay your fees for 10 years. When you reach 70 you have qualified.

Example 2:
You join the club at the age of 65. You still have to be a fully paid member for 10 years. So when you reach the age of 75 you qualify.