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March 2015 300 Club Draw

March 2015 300 Club Draw

Posted by lvlacleod on 10 Apr : 09:27
1st No.207 - £100 - Dawn Williams
2nd No. 98 - £25 - Mo Morrison
3rd No.271 - £15 - Rhianna Sinclair
4th No.85 - £10 - Eileen Wilkinson

Well done to all above

Good Luck to all for next month

Thanks Willie
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January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 Newsletter

Posted by lvlacleod on 23 Feb : 08:18
Notification of Annual General Meeting
The 2015 AGM will be held in the upstairs lounge of Ballater Golf Club on Friday 27th of February. Commencing at 19:15 hours. The agenda for the meeting will follow the usual format which will be issued at the AGM.

300 Club
The BAA 300 Club is continued into 2015 after 2 successful years. This, along with the Annual Car Boot sale are the main fund raisers for BAA. Support of the 300 club is essential to keep club membership fees low. If you have not already purchased tickets the committee will be only too pleased to sell you one. Remember, for every £10 ticket purchased you will be entered into year round monthly draw with cash prizes of £100, £25, £15 and £10 for the lucky four numbers drawn. The results will be published on the BAA web site and displayed in local hostelries in Ballater.

Web Site
As you can see BAA have a web site – please save to your favourites. Currently the web site is underused and we would love members photos, blogs etc. so please log on and register. We would also like your comments on the site itself to continue and improve our communications.

Email & Home Addresses
We are currently consolidating and revising our membership listing. Over the years the address list has become somewhat fragmented and now requires an overhaul. Without wishing to cause offence to anyone, can we ask you all to reconfirm your full name, date of birth, home address, telephone number and email address. We appear to be lacking current contact details for a number of members so we will publish a list of names and ask that if members know the individuals listed that they ask them to contact us so as we can update our files.
For those of you that get this by post and don't have e-mail please reply to the address below.
Mr. R. Thompson, 34 Golf Road Ballater. AB35 5RE.

Year End Report
The Fishing returns, Financial report and Club standing will be given by the officers responsible at the AGM. Needless to say but returns across the country have not been spectacular last year, and we are no exception. Here’s hoping for 2015.

And Finally....
This year marks the end of the career of your secretary Martin Holroyd. Martin has been a faithful servant to Ballater Angling Association for 31 years, and has served as a committee member, president and latterly secretary for many years. He is one of the founding members of the association. His input, hard work and persuasive skills, particularly with riparian landowners has given us the fishings that we have today. Martins input over the years has put BAA in the sound position we are in currently. Martin will continue to support the Club and the committee but will ”officially” stand down. He is a hard act to follow, and we have been shadowing and taking over his duties over the past 12 months, the scale of his input should not be under estimated and we give him an immense thanks from all of the committee members.
I am sure that you all would like thank Martin for his contribution and efforts, so please come along to the AGM and do so in person.

We thank you all for your support during the 2014 season and look forward to a productive 2015.

Gordon Compton
Ballater Angling Association
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